My Story

Sheri East is a lifelong resident of Kitchener-Waterloo.  Sheri’s connection to the area is steeped in history as a direct descendant of Pennsylvania Dutch Mennonites who founded the area.  As a floral artist, Sheri has explored inspiration from the lands through sculpture and mixed media but her first love has always been acrylics.

Sheri’s first floral memories come from trips to the nursery every spring with her mother to explore the wonderland of shapes and colours and scents that would explode each year.  Sheri would help choose flowers for the gardens created by her grandmother.  At Nana’s place, stems, tall and proud, would be carefully chosen to reside quietly on the dining room table.  Dots of brilliant colours, carefully gathered in glass vases would gently fill their rooms with scent.  Every petal discreetly chosen as an accent in the home. 

As a blossoming young girl, wildflowers growing by the side of the road would be gathered and brought home – every bouquet studded with a variety of shape and colour and proudly presented to her mother and father who would carefully arrange and display the bounty.

Throughout the years, flowers would highlight treasured moments and serve as living fireworks celebrations of graduation, success, love, marriage, and motherhood.

One of Sheri’s most treasured memories comes from the first bouquet of dandelions from Jay, her then toddler son, gathered and gifted with love and innocence.  The vibrant yellow of the dandelion continues to be seen in Sheri’s artwork today.

Flowers are a constant presence in our lives.  From celebration to mourning, expressions of love and thanks, or simply as fuel for the soul.  Flowers are more than a momentary joy scattered in the day to day of our lives.  Regardless of nationality, race or faith, flowers connect us in love and spirit and gratitude.

Sheri’s paintings are inspired by these special human moments.